Get Free Payoneer MasterCard with $25 Bonus Proof

At present MasterCard is a most valuable thing that helps us to get payment and also helps for online shopping. Do you want to Get a MasterCard for free with bonus $25? Then you are in right place. Today I will help you to Get free MasterCard with $25 bonus. This is not any joke or fraud. Its 100% real and I also have a MasterCard.
MasterCard with $25 Bonus

You may already know about Payoneer which is a Global Payment Solution Company. Payoneer Debit card helps to get payment from different company and also helps to pay. This is one of the most popular online payment solution network. It is a financial services business which provides the online money transfer and also e-commerce payment services. The company is headquartered in New York City.

To get this card first you have to open an account on Payoneer. And to get bonus $25 you must have to sign up by someones refer. Without refer you won't get the bonus. So its my pleasure to be referred for anyone. If you want just follow bellow steps and use the referral link.

First Click here: Sign Up & Earn $25

Now it will open a page in new tab and You have to click on Sign Up & Earn $25 button. Then in a new tab you will get few steps of form to fill up information's.

First step select type of account Individual or Company. For personal select Individual type. Now in the form fill all information's.

  • Full Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Rewrite Email Address
  • Date of Birth

After fill up all information's that I've mentioned above click Next Button.

Second step Contact Details here you have to select your country and need to fill all information's of your real Address with Postal / Zipcode. Remember don't give the miss information's because using this address your MasterCard will be send.

  • Select Country
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Postal / Zipcode
  • Select Phone type and Phone Number

After complete fill up this form click Next Button.

Third step Security Details here you need to type your password and security question. Email address will be your username. You have to select a security question then write the answer and you need to remember this answer for future as your account security. Better you can save all those information in a notepad so that you can get all information's when its need.
  • Write Password
  • Rewrite Password
  • Select Security Question
  • Answer of Security Question
After write all information click on Next Button

Last Step here you need to give information's of your Bank Account details. In the Bank name option select a Bank where you have an account. Bank list will be shown based on your country. Which country you will select, list will show only those bank list that which banks are available in that selected country.

  • Write Your Bank Name
  • Bank Branch Name
  • Your Bank Account Name
  • Write Account Number

After complete writing information that mentioned above you need to select two agreement as you agree with their agreement.

  •  I agree to the Terms and Conditions, Electronic Disclosure and Privacy Policy
  •  I agree to the Pricing and Fees

Now click on SUBMIT button. Then you will get congratulation massage. Go for login in your account and will be asked for filling two more security questions. Select questions then write answer and save those answers for future security. This security answer will be helpful when you will face any problem in your account and while you need to solve it that time you will need to answer those questions to the authority to show them as proof that your are the owner of that account.

Within 24 hours you will get confirmation massage in you email address. They might can ask for your National ID or Driving License or Passport Screen shot. After that your They will give you time within which days your MasterCard will be arrived to your address. It can take up to 30 days to reach in your address. It will come based on your Address Zipcode. You need to contact that specific Post Office's postman. Give him your number and tell him that using your name a latter will come in that Post Office. If it comes then postman will call you or will come to your house. Then just take it and give some tips to the postman for his satisfaction.

In that latter you will get your MasterCard and your name will be written on that card with 16 digit card number. In the latter you will get card activation process. Just follow those steps and activate your card. While activating your card that time you need to set 4 digit of Pin number. This Pin number will be needed when you will withdraw money from ATM.

Now you may want to know about $25 bonus. After activation you can use this card for receiving payment just by giving account username which is actually your email address that you have used to open this account. At this time to get bonus you need to receive a payment about $100. When your account will be loaded with $100 that time your account will also get $25 bonus. Sometimes after loaded account it takes up to 24 hours to get the bonus.

One of my friend recently got bonus $25 on his new Payoneer MasterCard. Bellow I have shared the screenshot proof so that it can be more believable to you.

MasterCard with $25 Bonus Proof
I think its more clear to you that its possible to get a free MasterCard with $25 bonus. So what you are waiting for. Signup for MasterCard Now.

If you face any problem or difficulties then don't feel hesitate to comment bellow about your problem. And you can also contact me for getting help. I will be happy to help you. Don't forget to share this post with your other friends. It can be helpful for others.   


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