How to Earn Money by Uploading Files without Survey ?

Are you looking for a free file hosting site and also want to make some money just by sharing files. Then you are in a right place to know about the details. Here I am gonna show you how you can make money by uploading files no surveys are needed. Even don't need to install anything for the internet users for make some penny. Here all about is you will have to promote the link for download the files by other internet users.

Its a good free file host site for the website owners whom websites are related any kind of download file as like Games, Videos, Apk, Software sites etc. You just need to upload all those related files to free hosting website an then share the download link on your web in the post individually. If you have a good amount of visitors then you can make a splendid amount of money. As much as possible you increase more downloads at the same time your earning will increase also from this free file hosting site.

[Note: You can not make fraud downloads from this website because within 24 hours per ip will be able to generate $0.05 to avoid Fraud Downloads]

Long time we see that people just sharing files on lots of free hosting sites where they have a limitation of uploading size which is very low and also not making any penny from those site. But here Indishare and UPLOD.WS is a free hosting site where you have a limit per file size about in indishare 2GB and uplodws 1GB. So I think its a great opportunity for those people as like me who always want a reliable file hosting site with earning some good cash.

If you have a downloading site then what you are waiting for just start Sign Up for Indishare or Sign Up for uplodws then upload files and share it on your website or anywhere else to make some cash.

[Note: Do Not Cheat here, Abusing reward system will lead you to permanent ban. Files size should be 1MB+ to make money. Auto / Bot / Self made download will be tracked and also verified while payout. If any account detected then Account will be banned. This site don't allow uploading Adult / Pornographic material and any copyrighted material as like Movies, music, image etc.]

How to upload files on Uplodws and share download links ?

[Note: Here I am showing uploading process for one site. Because both are little bit same way to upload anything on those sites. So I think if you can upload on UPLODWS site then you will also be able to upload on Indishare.]

1. First go for Sign Up to complete registration. Fill the information on the registration form and click submit for completing registration. Now need to check your email inbox where a confirmation massage will come. Open that email and click confirmation link to verify your account.

2. Now after login into your account if you want to upload file then in the home page from left side you will see a big writing "BROWSE". Just click on "BROWSE". Follow bellow images instructions step by step for better understand.

How to Earn Money by Uploading Files without Survey ?

3. After click on BROWSE a window will popup and select file from your PC and open which one you want upload. Now you need to click on "Start upload" button for start uploading file. You can also add more files if you want to upload all files simultaneously. That time you will need to click on "Add more" Button. Instruction have shown on bellow image.

How to Earn Money by Uploading Files without Survey ?

3. Now when upload will be done that time you will see a page where you can see the download link of your file. Just copy this link and share on your website so that visitors can download this file from your site.
How to Earn Money by Uploading Files without Survey ?

Now you are mostly done. If you can increase the visitor on you website then your file downloads will also increase. Increasing downloads will increase your earnings. This is just a simple thing where most have interest to make some extra money.

I think its better to earn extra money. Its not harming your visitors. Simultaneously you can also place others ads on your site and this file hosting site gives you money when a download happens from their links. Its better than other free hosting site those are not giving you any earnings.

For Newbie Bloggers

Hope fully it will help you to get some motivation to work more with low visitors also. Because most of time new web owners start working but they are losing their inspiration and working speed when they don't see any earnings. One of my friend making good money from this site daily about $2 and more sometimes. He is generating over 1000 downloads daily.  Once I saw he was generating only 50 or 70 downloads when he was totally newbie. But for those downloads he was making some money. That was his motivation that he can make money. That time he was working more for his site. Just by that motivation and his working speed day by day he was generating a good amount of downloads and still its increasing that helps him to make this extra penny. Even he is now making money from other ad networks by placing ads on his site. By uploading files and sharing it on his website day by day now his sites has a big amount of visitor. I think if you are new than you can also start from now.

Don't ever wish earn more at the first time. Start from low income and keep working. Once you will see the change. You may be familiar with Zero to Hero. Everybody can not be Hero directly. There have very few exceptional person whom luck favors as hero. So if you think you are not that exceptional person then you should start from zero. All bloggers working so hard by studying lots of thing. We have also started from zero and even I didn't see any hopes at first time about 1 year. Because that time I didn't get any good resources from website for learning more. Even no one helped me about blogging and SEO. But at present there have huge resources on the web to learning about how to blogging and how to gets visitors in your website. So its a great opportunity that you are missing if still you are not trying to learn. Search on google and learn how you can make good visitor on your website and keep working. Once you will also see that you are making good money from your website.

If you think my article is helpful for you then don't forget to share this post with your other friends so that they can be helpful. And about this file hosting site if you face any kind of problem or have any query then don't feel shy to let me know about that by commenting bellow.


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