How To Test A Mobile App ?

Most mobile apps get deleted just six days after they’re last used. With so many applications on the market, you need a way to capture users’ interest and keep them coming back — if they encounter app issues or find your UI frustrating, they won’t wait for a fix. The solution? Regular testing to keep your app in tip-top shape.

How To Test A Mobile App

By putting your mobile app through the gauntlet and pushing it to its limits, you can discover bugs or kinks in the code that your customers shouldn’t be finding. Otherwise, users will find those flaws first and take the opportunity to say goodbye to it forever.

Testing a mobile app means more than just making sure it does a few tasks correctly. It can be a complex and tedious process but must be done to ensure customers have a flawless experience they’re seeking, and developers must have a resource that can help guide them through the testing process. The following checklist is provided as a guide to help you test your mobile app thoroughly so no stone is left unturned. Taking frustration out of the equation is what’s best for your customers.

How To Test A Mobile App

Bio of Phillip Lew: Who is CEO at XBOSoft, a software testing company. Since founding the company in 2006, Lew oversees strategy, operations and business development through his expertise as a software engineer.  Lew holds a PMP certification and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University. Mobile App Testing Checklist created by XBOSoft.


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