How to Get 2500 Targeting Real visitors Free For Website?

Hey, If you are looking for quality free traffic to your website, Blog or any affiliate links, then read the whole article where I will explain how easily you can get 2500 targeting real visitors to your blog, website or affiliate links. You might be thinking Twenty Five Hundred visitors is nothing. But I want to say that you are wrong if you think it is nothing. Because I am talking about real targeted traffics about 2500 which is really important & effective traffic source for a blog or website.

Traffic to a website helps to improve rank on google which also helps to generates more real traffic. But you need to make sure that increase of traffic associated with the increase of engagement as well. If your web traffic is increasing but the engagement rates are decreasing then you are not bringing the right traffics to your blog. Thats why I am talking about targeted real traffic that is free for any blog and website.

Benefits of Real visitors

  • Real Visitors improve your position on Google and also other search engines by following your websites receiving visitors.
  • It helps to receive more clicks. The visitors receive can navigate website and clicks on links, unlike bots or fake visitors.
  • Highly effective to generate revenue. The traffic will deliver is 100% real that has the real chance to convert your web into sales, leads & sign ups.
  • These traffic will be visible on Google Analytics so easily you can check & measure your success.

The way I am showing to generate 2500 targeting visitors free, it will instantly forwarded to your website directly when the visitor matches to your targeted demographics. No click or advertisement required. Even you can generate all those traffic for Facebook Page or affiliate promotion.

How To Get 2500 Real Visitors Free?

Lets get Started for Real Visitors, how you can get those free visitors without paying any dollar online.

First Click Here:  Free Real Targeted Traffic Source

Now, after reaching on this website you will see a box where you can give your link where you want to sent real visitors and then go for Start Trail. You do not need to worry about losing money because you can cancel this trial within 5 days without paying any dollar to this website. This is totally risk free and able cancel at any time within 5 days.

Who is looking for free traffic this is the best way without paying money. After getting 2500 traffic on your blog if you are not satisfied you can stop or cancel this trail subscription at end of 5th days. So there is no risk for losing or paying money.

Highly Recommended For Professionals

For professional bloggers and affiliate marketers I will recommend to have a try for 1 month subscription. Because within $15 it will generate 15000 Real targeted visitor to your website or affiliate link that can easily generate your sales and leads. Also you can collect lots of emails through this way.

It also gives 30 days Money Back Guarantee. They offer you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If you are unhappy with their service then you will get 30 days after signing up for canceling and receive the full refund of your payment.

I think there have no website who will give you this risk free opportunity without a single penny. So for free Twenty five hundred Targeted visitors anyone can use this simple traffic system for at least 5 days test. That also can be very helpful for newbie blogger who is looking for real quality traffic to rank up their website or blog on Google Search Engine.

How To Test A Mobile App

Most mobile apps get deleted just six days after they’re last used. With so many applications on the market, you need a way to capture users’ interest and keep them coming back — if they encounter app issues or find your UI frustrating, they won’t wait for a fix. The solution? Regular testing to keep your app in tip-top shape.

By putting your mobile app through the gauntlet and pushing it to its limits, you can discover bugs or kinks in the code that your customers shouldn’t be finding. Otherwise, users will find those flaws first and take the opportunity to say goodbye to it forever.

Testing a mobile app means more than just making sure it does a few tasks correctly. It can be a complex and tedious process but must be done to ensure customers have a flawless experience they’re seeking, and developers must have a resource that can help guide them through the testing process. The following checklist is provided as a guide to help you test your mobile app thoroughly so no stone is left unturned. Taking frustration out of the equation is what’s best for your customers.

Bio of Phillip Lew: Who is CEO at XBOSoft, a software testing company. Since founding the company in 2006, Lew oversees strategy, operations and business development through his expertise as a software engineer.  Lew holds a PMP certification and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University. Mobile App Testing Checklist created by XBOSoft.

The Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

The world of Internet marketing is so vast and complex that it can even leave experienced Internet marketers scratching their heads. To bring clarity to the situation, Straight North, a Chicago SEO company, created the “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” info-graphic that helps marketers visualize how multiple online marketing components can work together in a lead generation campaign to maximize results. It operates as a visual guide for marketers to:

Understand how-to leverage various Internet marketing outlets in a single campaign to maximize leads and sales;

Spot any holes in your current campaign that be costing you leads; and,

Find opportunities to modify your current campaign to improve results.
Infographic created by Straight North, an Chicago SEO company

Earn Money from Propeller Ads Media with Payment Proof.

Hello there, are you looking for make some money with the best pop up ads from the trending and most popular ad network. Then you are in a right place to get familiar with the right network. I am not joking, I am just serious about introducing a well-known Ad Network which is Propeller Ads Media. Most of the people searching for pop ads network but there have a huge amount of networks they are paying well, but here I want to say that Propeller Ads will pay you more than the any other pop ad networks.

Once I started with zero now its really a good platform for me and also my few friends making money from this network and they are satisfied with propellers revenue. They are also using other ads on their site but propeller ads generates extra good amount of earnings from their site and they are changing ad networks but never give away propellers ad. For the beginners its really difficult to setup mind to a specific ad network. Because while they start blogging or building a website then generating low visitors and place ads on their site but see nothing good comes from the ads that time they are losing their motivation and believe from the first networks. Day by day they also stop working on their blog or website.

Listen if you are newbie then just think you didn't grow up so quickly. You are like a plant once you couldn't able to do anything but after taking care by your parents now you are a perfect human being who can think and can do something that helps you to live. So you grown up by taking care of someone and they spend lots of money, effort, trust on you that you will become something that will be good for your future. So all this things are same in the world. If you work about 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 months or more and then still you are seeing nothing then you must not give up so quick. You should keep working and find why its not working.

Earn Money from Propeller Ads Media

At present its really not tough for a person to learn something. You know there have massive amount of websites holding free information from where you can study about all online things so quickly. Even me and lots of online gurus never go to someone to take help. We all are study online by searching on Google. There have huge tutorial online about most of the thing that people want to learn.

But see we are wasting our most of the valuable time on Facebook, Twitter and on other social networks. How fool we are just keep wasting our time on social network. Does it gives us any proper value for our time. No we are giving value by wasting our time. I am not telling to stop using social networks. I just want to say that if you have limit to eat food then we also should have limit to use social networks. Times never comes back and we understand when times up. So I think we should think before end the time for every step. How much time you are giving on those social site just give the half of that time and study all stuff about blogging, search engine optimization and other needed things. I can guarantee you that you will never failed and success will be shown very soon if you really serious about what you are doing. I am really sorry for my long speech. Lets come to the point.

It took me about four month to start making money from a new site by placing propeller ads. After then day by day my web traffic increasing and also revenue grown up. One of my friends worked harder about 1 year and he started making money from the 6th month and after one year he started making a good amount of revenue from propeller ads. Here I will show you the payment proof of that friend so you can trust that it is possible by newbie also. Because my friend was totally new and after start new blogging withing 1 year making good money that's not so easy without assistance by someone.

For newbie you can Create a Blog Free or also Within Low Cost. If you have money problem then you can create free blog but its better to start by buying a new domain. Blogger gives us a great opportunity which is free hosting so its really great for newbies to open a website within low cost.

And who already have a website and also have good amount of daily visitors then why you are waiting you can start placing this pop ads now.

First click to Registration Here. Here Sign-up as a Publisher. Fill the form and complete the registration. A massage can be send to your email address for verify the registration. Go to email address and verify email.

Then from the dashboard click from the left on menu name "Sites". Now you have to click on Add New site. Follow bellow image instruction for better understand.

submit domain to propeller ads media

Now write you domain URL and click on submit. Follow image instructions.

verify domain into propeller ads media

Here you need to verify your domain. First copy given meta tag then goto your website and paste it into the website HTML meta section and save it. Then click verify and you will see site got verified.

Now you have to wait up to 24 hours to get approved your site. Within a day it will get approved and from then you can place ads on your site.

propeller ads media payment proof

Now you need to create popunder add code and then copy the code and place into your website. From now your earning will be start. If you already have huge daily visitors but you are not satisfied by seeing revenue then wait about 1 or 2 weeks. Because it needs time to be optimized perfect ad for your website. And once you will see earnings are increasing. You keep increasing your traffic Propellers will take of increasing revenue.

As I said, I will show a Proof payment of my friend. Yes see bellow image here is the few payment proof of 1 year newbie blogger.
This is just his earnings from Propeller Pop Ads. Beside he is also earning by placing other ads on his site. I think you should not wait too long. Just create an account on Propellers Ads Media and start placing pop ads on your site it can be your extra good income that you are gonna love when you will see its generating good revenue.

You can withdraw money from here by Payoneer MasterCard, PayPal or Wire Transfer. Most of the person love to withdraw money by using Payoneer MasterCard. Its so easy to withdraw money and also cash out by any ATM booth which booth supports master card from anywhere in the world. Anybody can get a free Payoneer MasterCard easily.

If you guys face any problem about Propellers ad then don't forget to comment bellow. I am here to help you to make you happy with the pop ad. In my experience they are providing most highest revenue for POP ads that other networks can not pay to their publishers. I think you will be happy very soon. I do like you to share this information with your friends so that they can be helped by you also.

Amazon Echo Devices Free to Call Landline & Mobile.

Amazon has launched a new Echo device which is also confirmed that this Echo device can directly call to landline and to the mobile phone numbers for free. Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show have all gained ability to make the voice calls to the mobile phone and also landline numbers. And its in those countries United States, Canada & Mexico for free calls. It is possible to receive the calls on Echo devices but devices are not free.
Amazon Echo Devices

To receive calls by the Echo devices from the regular numbers, here users will need to purchase new Connect box and Amazon has launched it. Anyone can buy from amazon easily. This device will let the users to use home telephone or phone number for make Echo calls. It'll even allow to dial 911 and also international with premium rate dial numbers.

This actually follows Alexa calling functionality which Amazon basically rolled out. This feature only have enabled users to make a call to other Amazon Echo device owners to those people who actually had Alexa app on their own smartphones. They can call now to anyone in their listing contacts with the Echo device or also even can speak a specific number to let the device to dial.

Users must need to set up these feature first. And once have done that, then mobile number is done linking to the device. That is what will show up for recipients when make a call using the Echo device. Users will get the option to opt out displaying their all number, in this case, recipient will see only “unknown caller” when they are called by via Echo device.

Protect Payoneer Account & Save Dollars from Hacker.

Its really distressful when a person see that his dollar have been hacked from his Payoneer account. In this year 2017 many freelancers and other Payoneer users facing this problem that they are getting massage from different link which looks like Payoneer and in which massage it says that your withdraw need to be confirmed or something like this and also different attractive text. If people go for action then that helps the hackers to hack those accounts and dollars by that confirmation.

In July 2017 one of my friend who is a freelancer he works in fiverr and up-work. When he wake up in the morning he got a massage in his email address and it says "You have received a payment to your Payoneer account from fiverr and dollar about $246". And he got shocked by seeing this massage that time. He login to his Payoneer account and checked the history. He saw that his withdrawal money has been transferred to another account. Although he didn't confirm that massage. But his account has been hacked before. How did this happened you might wanna know. Here his wrong was saving username and password in browser. He always save email password in his browser and hacker hacked all those password from his PC browser.

In this point you may can get only massage for confirm the withdrawal and what can be happen by confirming that confirmation massage. That can be cause of losing account for while until you are not taking any steps. When you will go for confirm that massage they will ask for login details and if you put those information you will see nothing but you just sent your login details to the hackers. When they have your login access then they can easily transfer existing dollars from your account to another account.

My friend badly astonished that he didn't do anything but all those crap happened. Then he tried to take help from a skilled brother who is also a freelancer and he told him to directly contact to Payoneer support team. He called them to a tole free number and talk to them about the problem. From that time his account has been keep as a suspended account and they ask him to verify his details to get back his account. They give him a verification process.

1. They asked for a alternative email address which is not used in any Payoneer account. Because support team doubt that hacker already knows that email login information which used to login his Payoneer account. So that hacker can not see the conversation thats why asked for alternative email address.

2. They told to him provide his National ID Card or Passport scan copy.

3. Then asked for giving a picture where he will be shown on one hand with his ID Card and on another hand a written current date on a paper.

He send them all those information and was waiting about 25 days and then they reopened his account. In this case if it takes more time and they can be asked to withdraw report then don't ever do that because that will not let you get back that transferred money. If you withdraw the report then they will not work for refund your lost money. So better keep waiting as long as it takes. My friends was doing the same thing. They told him to withdraw the report so that they can open his account quickly but he didn't do that and after 1 month he got a massage from Payoneer that their support team working for getting back his refundable money. Then after waiting three month he got back his money.

For the fiverr user I want to say that if you report to the fiverr support team about this problem. Then there have a huge possibilities to get block your fiverr ID. If you verify perfectly all information they may can refund or may not. So there have risk to solving this type of issue. Better not to take help from fiverr about this kind of problems.

How This Hacking is Done?

In the your email address if  massage comes and have any link where you will be asked for confirm the withdraw or any thing else. Then they will give you a login form and you will see still you are logged in to your Payoneer account but they are asking for your login information. In Payoneer you don't even need to login to confirm the withdrawal, if still your are logged in then it will also not ask for it. So in this case if you put your login details then your information just has been sent to the hackers.

In fiverr, hackers sending files as a client where they also put their hacking application. And whenever it opens in your PC from that time it starts to sending all information from your PC to the hackers. There have lots of ways to hack others PC with valuable information. I can't explain all because it needs huge time to explain. Which things are important I just sharing those information's.

How to Protect Payoneer Accounts & Save Dollars from Hacker?

1. Do not save username and password in the browser of login details of Payoneer and also which account is very important for you as like Email address which you used to open Payoneer account, Up-work, fiverr, others freelancing platform, or any important accounts that you don't wanna lose.

2. Before login to your Payoneer account check URL is it Payoneer link or anything else. Hacker use link which looks like Payoneer link but have simple difference as like or But if it is really Payoneer site then it will be contains Here you have to be care full while login to your account.

3. Do not install unwanted application in your PC and add-on extension on your browser. This will be very dangerous for security of your valuable information's.

4. Use a good internet security to protect your PC from incoming unwanted application from hackers. There have lots of victims who is using Internet security after facing this problems. So it will be better use before facing those problems.
5. If possible then all time clear the data from browser. Because they can access the data from browser by different ways.
I already told you that my friend had saved login information's into the browser. That helps the hacker to easily access everything. So do not make those mistakes. And if after following all those instructions you still got hacked by hacker then don't forget and wait to report your lose to the Payoneer support team as quickly as possible.
Tole free number of Payoneer support: +1-800-251-2521
You can use it on Skype to make a free call.
If you think this article is helpful for you then you should help your friends by share this information to them who also need to know about the protection. I think its really important issue that we normally don't think before happening a bad thing to us. Thanks for read my article and stay safe.

How to Enable My Computer Icon in Windows 7, 8, 10 ?

People do like to use latest thing in their life. Such as windows 10, which is the latest version of windows now. Most of the OS user converted to Windows Ten. Less persons staying on previous Operating system such as win 7, 8, Vista. But we see that when something changes or updates some features and interface also changes.
Enable My Computer Icon in Windows 7, 8, 10

In windows 10 there have several thing that have been changes and updates. One of most important thing My Computer icon which I do like to show on my desktop. In some windows this icon known as "This PC". My Computer icon is not showing as default on the desktop screen. That's why we need to show it manually.

On the latest version of windows 10 to showing "This PC" icon it have sets the different procedure than the previous windows. That's I saw that many new users gets tired of showing this icon. Bellow I have shared the instructions with images.

How to Display My Computer Icon in Windows 10?

1. First click right button of mouse on desktop then go to Personalize.
Display my computer icon in windows 10

2. Now it will open a window. Where from the left side you have to select an option name "Themes" and here you will see on Related Settings there have Desktop icon settings. Now click on it. For better understand follow the image instructions.

Display my computer icon in windows 10

3. Here again a new window will open and from here you need to select by tick mark on Computer. Then apply and click OK for showing it on the desktop.

Display my computer icon in windows 10

How to Display My Computer Icon in Windows 7, 8, or Vista?

For previous windows it is the same procedure. On those windows click right button on the desktop and go to Personalize. A window will open, where from the left site click on "Change desktop icon" then it will pop up another window. Just select computer and click on apply and OK.

Display My Computer Icon in Windows 7, 8, or Vista

Another very easy and simple ways to Show My Computer icon on Windows 7

Click on windows or just press windows button from keyboard and click right button on Computer then just click on "Show on Desktop".

Display My Computer Icon in Windows 7

I think this simple instructions will help you to Enable My Computer Icon in Windows 10, 8, 7. There might not have any users who will face difficulties to do this. If still there have any one who is facing difficulties then don't feel shy to comment bellow.

WAT Remover 2.2.6 For Genuine Windows 7 Activation

Make windows 7 genuine for the life time. This is an alternative chance for us to activate your windows 7 without using any activation key. Today I do like to give you this nice tool that will help to get activate windows 7 which won't ever require any further activation. We see that when we install Microsoft Windows 7 there it's must be needed to activate this OS.
WAT Remover 2.2.6 For Windows 7 Activation

Most of the people don't have that ability to buy that serial key or don't want to buy. In this case, what can we do? Yes, here is a solution. Although, people love to use update windows version. But there still have a massive amount of users who really like win 7 very much than the newer one. Even I also use Windows Seven.

Now you can use this windows with life time activation. You may faces lots problem while activating your OS. Its like fake serial keys or activated by any cracks, but after 30 days its showing notification that your windows need to activate and tells you "ask for genuine windows". I know it feel really bad for free users. For those user I am giving a tool which will let your windows life time activation and won't ever show any notifications.

Alternative of Windows 7 Activation

1. First go to bellow link and download WAT Remover 2.2.6.
[Note: Most of the Antivirus will detect it as harmful exe. But its totally safe for use in your PC]

2. Now if you have newly installed windows or 30 trials going to be finish then you have to use this tools. Downloaded file will be in zip. Extract this zip and open RemoveWAT. An interface will come with a button name Remove WAT.
WAT Remover 2.2.6

3. Click on Remove WAT button and wait for few moment. Then it will ask you for restart you PC and by clicking on OK make your PC restart done.

After successfully restart your PC its done and it will never ask for activation your windows. Its actually alternative of activating windows 7 without having any problem. You can check you properties to see that your activation notification are not showing there.

This tools worked on Windows 7 perfectly. For other I never tried so its only recommended for Win Seven. I hope it will work for your PC also. After following above instructions if not works for you or if you guys face any problem then let me know by commenting bellow. Thanks for being patience in here and don't forget to share with your close friends so that they can be helped by you also.

How to Stop IDM Automatic Update Notification

IDM is a popular well known Internet Download Manager which is one of the most helpful tools for our PC. IDM features with accelerated down-loader as browser integration that lets people download videos and audios directly from besides the websites normal files. Internet Download Manager works better than the other download managers.

Disable IDM Automatic Update Notification

Most of the people in the world use crack or patch for using IDM totally free. But always we face problems while patching it. And we also see that after done patching it always send us automatic update notifications. It would be good if you have paid download manager, but those people who are using free they need the solution. So if we start updating it will ask for activation by using serial key. So sometimes its not possible to keep updating crack one. Most of the working time we see that this cracked IDM shows notification of automatic updates which is very much annoying.

So you must want to stay away from this annoying notifications. This is very simple to Disable IDM Automatic Update Check Notification. From now you don't have to worry about this notification anymore. Follow bellow instructions:

Disable IDM Auto Update Notification

1. From keyboard press win+R to launch Run then type regedit and press enter or click OK. Now it will open Registry Editor. Follow bellow image instructions for better understand.

Stop IDM Automatic Update Notification

2. In the Registry Editor follow this instructions first click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER> second Software> and third DownloadManager. Now from right side find LstCheck named REG file and click on it to open.
Stop IDM Automatic Update Notification

3. Now here change the value data which is actually the data of year will change. Change the year as you desire one. See bellow image instructions.

Stop IDM Automatic Update Notification
4. After change it click OK then close registry Editor and Restart your PC.

Now you are done perfectly disabling IDM Automatic Update Check. After restart your PC you won't ever see any notification which will ask you to Update your IDM on working time.

If you want to update your IDM then you can do it manually. To do it first open IDM then go to Help option and click on "Check for updates". Your latest version will be checked and will notify you if there have any available update version.

How to Create a Blog Free or Within Low Cost?

Today I am going guide you how you can start creating your own blog Free and also within low cost. This is very easy to start a new blog for free and also if you want then within low cost of money you can have a blog with your chosen unique domain name. First I will tell you how you can create a blog for free and I will guide you for low cost domain for your blog.
Create a Blog Free or Within Low Cost

Blog can be very interesting and also can be major part for a person where actually people store and share valuable information that comes from their experience and also specific information about something important matters and problems. Blog helps others to know about new thing that they are searching online and also gives some necessary information that helps them when they are facing any problems. Its not important to write about only specific topics in your blog but its important to write about targeting niche keywords when you want to make a profitable blog. Here I will discuss about how you can create a blog.

Most of the people love to open blog in WordPress. Because there have lots of features and plugins that makes it easier than the other blog platform. But here I do like to discuss about Blogger which is actually Googles blog platform. Here for newbies have a great opportunity to open free blog. And its not actually difficult to make and maintenance of a blog in this platform.

So to start first you have to go to then click on Create Your Blog. Now write your Gmail address. If you don't have any Gmail address then create one because you need gmail account for opening a blog in blogger. Using Gmail address login and after that you will get a pop window where you have to write your blog title. Just write a title that you want to show as your blog title.

Then write an URL name on next box. After write URL it will tell you that is it available to take as your blog URL or not. Do change that URL with your desire one until it tells you that This blog address is available. Then select a template from bellow box and click on Create Blog button. For better understand see bellow image instructions.

Now you have done creating a free blog where you can write article to post and publish. There have lots of features to customize your blog and make it more good looking blog as much as you want. Let me tell you how you can start writing an article to post and publish.

First from the left side you have to choose post option then click on New Post button. Follow bellow image instructions for better understand.

How to Create a Blog Free
After click on New post you will get a form of writing article there. Now first you have to write a suitable Title for your new post. Title will tell the user what is all about your article have written. So a good title helps to get visitors to your post. Then you have to write an article about 500 words or more as you want. But for good blogging you can write over 1000 words which actually helps to get good rank on Google Search Engine.

After writing title you can set label to make categories of your all post as like if you write post about technology then set label as technology if article about sports categories then set label as sports. If you want then you can customize permalink which means your post URL. You can set it manually or it will set automatically based on your title words. See bellow image instructions one by one.
How to write a Blog article

You can add a good image in the post related to your article. After complete writing you can just click on the Publish button to publish it. Now you can view your post to see your article on your blog. To understand better see bellow image.

View Blog post
Now you can customize your blog as like changing templates for a good looking blog. From Template Option you can edit your template codes. There have lots of free blogger template you can get those by searching on google. Choose a template for download then after download copy that files xml code and paste it in the blogger Edit HTML option. Then your blog will be looks like the same blog template that you have chosen.
Here you are done creating a free own blog. Where have several option that you can use to customize your site. From the setting you can change lots of things if you want. From stats option you can see your visitor's status such as how much visitors are visiting your site every day, from which country they come and more.
How to Create Blog Within Low Cost?

Now I do like to tell you how you can create a blog with a unique domain name within cheap and less cost. Actually free blog is a sub-domain blog which belongs to blogger as after the users chosen URL. When you will add a unique domain name it removes the sub-domain name and gives blog URL with If you add domain in blogger then you don't have to buy hosting for your blog you can just use this free hosting platform for your own blog. It makes very low cost to make your own blog with your desire domain name.

First you need to buy a domain which can take price up-to $10 of cost for 1 year. Depending on your domain name price can be lower or higher. So from where you can buy it? Here I want to suggest NameCheap to buy a domain because they have 24hours online live supports and also a very easy process to setup domain from Namecheap to blogger. So if you want to buy your blog domain then click here for Namecheap Domain Registration.

There you have to open an account using an email address. Then from domain registration option buy a domain. If you have done buying your domain then setup NameCheap domain to blogger. If you don't know how to add custom domain in blogger or setup domain to blogger then go to bellow link to see the guide lines.

After setup domain to blogger you will see your blog URL as a unique domain name. Now you are perfectly done creating your own blog within a very low cost. This is good for the newbie who really want a blog or website within a very low cost of money. I think my guide lines will be helpful for newbies.

If you face any problem while creating your blog then let me know I will try to help you with my best effort. Also if you face any difficulties to registration domain on NameCheap and adding domain to blogger. Then don't feel hesitate to tell me about the problem. So, do you think my article helps you, if yes then don't forget to share it with your friends because it also can be a helpful and interesting part for them.