Best Volume Booster Apps for Android Device

Volume Booster Apps for smartphones. Built-in speaker's audio quality may be low & the sound never loud enough. If you are looking to set up different volume levels with individual apps. If your device’s volume keys are broken, then you can take many ways to generate more power from native volume controls.

Best Volume Booster Apps for Android Device

Whether you are listening to podcasts or enjoying Netflix. Here you can get good volume booster apps for your Android device to increase sound level & quality on the device.

Best Volume Booster Apps

You can pick one app from the given list below. And don't need to replace your android device for low volume alone.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is the leading podcast application. Also, there’s much more you can do with this app in the terms of enhancing the listening experience through volume boost settings.

Podcast Addict

If you are a podcast listener, then you have probably come across podcasts that lack great sound quality. Meaning you need to increase sound if you want to hear anything. That's why Podcast Addict is the best suitable app because it lets you get a built-in goof equalizer to help adjust the sound while toning audience noises or music.

Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV is a free booster app for Android. That helps to increases headphones and speakers volume while you are playing music, using audio-books, or watching movies on your device.

This app is small-sized and simple but still very powerful & versatile to use. You can increase the volume beyond the standard levels your device provides.
Volume Booster GOODEV
The developer of this app recommends moderation. Using the app might gonna damage hearing or speakers when it used for a prolonged amount of time. Additionally, this app does not work on all Android devices. Such as that Android v4.2.1 to v4.3. Also, it is not ideal for adjusting speakerphone volume while phone calls.


If you are looking for improving sound quality, then you can use the equalizer app. This app not only makes the device louder but also it offers an enhanced experience with audio doesn't matter the style.

The App Equalizer volume booster for Android offers a five-band equalizer that contains a controller with a sound amplifier, 11 stock preset audio sound profiles, a bass booster, and Reverb presets. This app also offers frequency sliders for helping you to get rid of any distortions. Also, you can make your own presets if you've upgraded to the premium version.

Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX helps to improve the quality of sound quality on your android device and make it more enjoyable of listening to music. The app Equalizer FX lets us adjust sound effect levels so we can get better out of music.

Equalizer FX 
The application includes Equalizer, Bass boost, Virtualization, Loudness Enhancer. Loudness Enhancer is an audio effect for increasing music loudness.
To get this workable equalizer on Lollipop goto your application settings. Then select all applications. And find MusicFX application clear Application data for FX application and install it. After that when starting the music player & select the equalizer option a new equalizer fx will be available.
Precise Volume is a volume control hub that is fully-featured. Not loud enough or too loud? This will never be a problem!
The app Precise Volume for android device overrides Android's fifteen volume steps limit And giving 100 different type volume levels. The other apps give simply the illusion of having increasing volume steps. This app safely hooks into the device's audio system and gives more volume advanced control options.
Precise Volume (+ EQ/Booster)
Not only Precise Volume just give more fine control over volume, but also it can make it easier by automatically setting of volume when you need it. Now also featuring 5-band Equalizer with a sound amplifier, bass booster, and also Equalizer Presets!
A Volume booster can improve your audio and sound quality on an android device but not all apps are genuine. Some of them you will get on play store that showing too much advertisement. That application behaves like junk and spammy which made us feel bore.
With the right or legit booster app, an android device can be much louder than you think. Although the apps you want to use for improving or increasing sound quality. Still, this is a risk of damage to your hearing capability, headphones, and also speakers of your phone, if for a time the volume is too high.

How To Test A Mobile App ?

Most mobile apps get deleted just six days after they’re last used. With so many applications on the market, you need a way to capture users’ interest and keep them coming back — if they encounter app issues or find your UI frustrating, they won’t wait for a fix. The solution? Regular testing to keep your app in tip-top shape.

How To Test A Mobile App

By putting your mobile app through the gauntlet and pushing it to its limits, you can discover bugs or kinks in the code that your customers shouldn’t be finding. Otherwise, users will find those flaws first and take the opportunity to say goodbye to it forever.

Testing a mobile app means more than just making sure it does a few tasks correctly. It can be a complex and tedious process but must be done to ensure customers have a flawless experience they’re seeking, and developers must have a resource that can help guide them through the testing process. The following checklist is provided as a guide to help you test your mobile app thoroughly so no stone is left unturned. Taking frustration out of the equation is what’s best for your customers.

How To Test A Mobile App

Bio of Phillip Lew: Who is CEO at XBOSoft, a software testing company. Since founding the company in 2006, Lew oversees strategy, operations and business development through his expertise as a software engineer.  Lew holds a PMP certification and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University. Mobile App Testing Checklist created by XBOSoft.

Best Android Video Player For Android Device

Today I want to give you a best Android Video Player for all android users world wide. Most of you already know but you may still finding the best one. Let me tell you which one is best. In my opinion MX Player is the world best video player for android devices. You may never take look on it deeply.
Android Video Player

This is a most Powerful video player which have advanced hardware acceleration and also support subtitle. Hardware acceleration it can be applied to the more videos with help of new HW plus decoder. MX Player is the most popular first Android video player. It supports the multi-core decoding. The test result have proved that the dual-core device performance is up to 70% better than the single-core devices.

Subtitle Gestures available in this player. Scroll forward or backward to move next or previous text, Up or down to move the text up & down, Zoom in or out to change text size. Easily zoom in & zoom out by pinching or swiping across on screen. Zoom & Pan is available by option also. In this player have kids lock.  You can keep your kids entertained just without having worry that they can be make calls and touch other apps. Its really amazing part for this player.

Lots of Subtitle formats:
DVD, DVB,  SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass), SSA/ASS subtitle tracks, SAMI(.smi) Ruby tag support, MicroDVD(.sub), SubRip(.srt), VobSub(.sub/.idx), MPL2(.mpl), SubViewer2.0(.sub), TMPlayer(.txt), WebVTT(.vtt), Teletext, PJS(.pjs).

In my think and experience this one of the most popular and best player for android. Over 40 million people directly installed it from Google Play Store and from the others sources it is impossible to count for me now. You can use it if you never used.

How to Improve your Android Device Performance ?

At present a massive amount of people using Android devices World wide. This is one of the most easy device and popular in our world. Today I am here to give you some useful tips and tricks about android which will let you speed up and Improve your Android Device Performance. Old and New users of android is not the fact. Some people may know but most of them they don't know. So, I am writing for who don't know yet.
Improve your Android Device Performance

My Article will help to improve your experience with using Android device. Because I think you are gonna love it when you will see the good performance of your device.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Disable App Notifications: You may have seen that most of the apps give the notification that just keep coming all the time. For us it can be feel annoying and you may don't know that those notifications always drain you phones or devices battery. If you want them turn off then you can follow bellow Steps:
  • On any kind of notification from notification bar Press Long on that notification which one you want to disable. Then you will see there a message box will appear.
  • Now Tap on App Info and Deselect the Show Notifications then press OK

2. Disable Mobile Data: When you don't need to be stay connected that time disabling mobile data will help your android devices battery from losing the power too quickly. Turing off the Data is easy to do by following bellow steps:
  • Go to Settings> Data
  • Tap on Mobile Data to Turn it off (ON or OFF)

3. Set Limit of Mobile Data: You can track how much your usage monthly mobile data or can do it limit. If you've ICS & above then there is available a features which let you track how much data you have left.
  • Go to Settings> Data Usage
  • Set the data limit by dragging orange line which will reflect monthly quota
  • Set data usage cycle based on when month starts & ends then you are done.
You'll be alerted when you hit limit that you have set.

4. Disable Automatic App Updates: I would like to say you do manually pick which app needs to be Updated. It save the mobile battery from draining. First you need to disable automatic app updates. Follow bellow steps:
  • Open Play Store and go to the Settings
  • Tap on to select Auto-update apps
  • A new massage box will appear from there select Do not auto-update apps
But still if you want to keep it automatic updates and do it enable following same steps.

5. Disable Animations: Here is the tips about to make you device run smoother by disabling Animations. You will need access to Developer Options which you will find under Settings or About device. In Developer option look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale & Animator duration scale. Now Tap on them all one by one and select to make it disable.

6. Clear Cache Data: Your app program takes some space to save the cache on your phone. Most of the cache doesn't helpful for you. You can delete them all to speed up your device and also will get some free space. Follow bellow instruction.
  • Go to Settings> Storage
  • Then look for Cached data, Tap on it and hit OK to confirm delete.

7.Use Speed accelerators: There have lots of app that you can Download applications of Android Booster which can expand android gadget speed. The application adjusts telephone by numerous ways as like shutting undesirable assignments and erasing applications that is not required and clearing the memory. Greenify is a great application in such manner it works for all rooted android devices and it makes them run all more speedier. You can try for at least once.

If you like this article and helped your device then you can share it with your friends so that they can be helped by you. Thanks for read me and tell me about your problem by commenting bellow if you faced. I will try my best to solve.

How to Improve GPS Signal of Android Device ?

Our Smartphones have GPS sensor by using it our device can operate different navigational app as like Google Map. But, sometimes we can see problems in GPS signal. Primarily how we can Improve GPS Signal about that methods I have described bellow. I think it will help a lot to improve the signal of your GPS on android device.

How to Improve GPS Signal

The Methods:
1. High Accuracy Mode: Use High Accuracy Mode. For getting highest signal of GPS you have to go GPS menu then from there you have to start (ON) High Accuracy Mode. Although, this feature using more power from your battery but for good GPS signal there have no other way without this.

2. Activate GPS Signal: Whenever you need keep activate the GPS Signal. Most of the time we see in our device when using navigational apps if that time we use another app then the GPS gone Offline of your device. This things happens when we keep the power of battery. The next time when we need the signal then it takes time to get the signal. Sometimes this is really disturbing. If you want then You can activate the GPS signal All time When you need it.

There have an app name "GPS Connected" You can download it to get help to be connected.

3. GPS Issue: Find out the issue of your GPS. In your device the related problem of GPS can be happened if software and hardware have the problem. For find out the problem of software and hardware which is related to the GPS sensor you can use GPS Essentials App. This app will help you to find the right issue.

4. Refresh GPS Data: In your device for stored unwanted data of GPS that can be cause of GPS problem. At this time only Refreshing GPS Data can be the solution for the problem. For your Refreshing GPS Data from your android device you can use GPS Status & ToolBox App. Which is very helpful and easy to use Software.

5. External GPS Receiver: If above methods doesn't improve your GPS signal and if GPS is very necessary for you then you can use External GPS Receiver. In amazon you will be able to find out External GPS Receiver within $100. I think that will help you without having any problem for life time.

If you think this is helpful for you then share it with your friends so that they can get the help. I think it will be very helpful for the professional persons who want it but don't know yet. Thanks for read my article. If you having any problem you can ask question by commenting bellow.