Amazon Echo Devices Free to Call Landline & Mobile.

Amazon has launched a new Echo device which is also confirmed that this Echo device can directly call to landline and to the mobile phone numbers for free. Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show have all gained ability to make the voice calls to the mobile phone and also landline numbers. And its in those countries United States, Canada & Mexico for free calls. It is possible to receive the calls on Echo devices but devices are not free.
Amazon Echo Devices

To receive calls by the Echo devices from the regular numbers, here users will need to purchase new Connect box and Amazon has launched it. Anyone can buy from amazon easily. This device will let the users to use home telephone or phone number for make Echo calls. It'll even allow to dial 911 and also international with premium rate dial numbers.

This actually follows Alexa calling functionality which Amazon basically rolled out. This feature only have enabled users to make a call to other Amazon Echo device owners to those people who actually had Alexa app on their own smartphones. They can call now to anyone in their listing contacts with the Echo device or also even can speak a specific number to let the device to dial.

Users must need to set up these feature first. And once have done that, then mobile number is done linking to the device. That is what will show up for recipients when make a call using the Echo device. Users will get the option to opt out displaying their all number, in this case, recipient will see only “unknown caller” when they are called by via Echo device.


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