Earn Money from Propeller Ads Media with Payment Proof.

Hello there, are you looking for make some money with the best pop up ads from the trending and most popular ad network. Then you are in a right place to get familiar with the right network. I am not joking, I am just serious about introducing a well-known Ad Network which is Propeller Ads Media. Most of the people searching for pop ads network but there have a huge amount of networks they are paying well, but here I want to say that Propeller Ads will pay you more than the any other pop ad networks.
Earn Money from Propeller Ads Media

Once I started with zero now its really a good platform for me and also my few friends making money from this network and they are satisfied with propellers revenue. They are also using other ads on their site but propeller ads generates extra good amount of earnings from their site and they are changing ad networks but never give away propellers ad. For the beginners its really difficult to setup mind to a specific ad network. Because while they start blogging or building a website then generating low visitors and place ads on their site but see nothing good comes from the ads that time they are losing their motivation and believe from the first networks. Day by day they also stop working on their blog or website.

Listen if you are newbie then just think you didn't grow up so quickly. You are like a plant once you couldn't able to do anything but after taking care by your parents now you are a perfect human being who can think and can do something that helps you to live. So you grown up by taking care of someone and they spend lots of money, effort, trust on you that you will become something that will be good for your future. So all this things are same in the world. If you work about 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 months or more and then still you are seeing nothing then you must not give up so quick. You should keep working and find why its not working.

Never Give Up on Makning Money Online

At present its really not tough for a person to learn something. You know there have massive amount of websites holding free information from where you can study about all online things so quickly. Even me and lots of online gurus never go to someone to take help. We all are study online by searching on Google. There have huge tutorial online about most of the thing that people want to learn.

But see we are wasting our most of the valuable time on Facebook, Twitter and on other social networks. How fool we are just keep wasting our time on social network. Does it gives us any proper value for our time. No we are giving value by wasting our time. I am not telling to stop using social networks. I just want to say that if you have limit to eat food then we also should have limit to use social networks. Times never comes back and we understand when times up. So I think we should think before end the time for every step. How much time you are giving on those social site just give the half of that time and study all stuff about blogging, search engine optimization and other needed things. I can guarantee you that you will never failed and success will be shown very soon if you really serious about what you are doing. I am really sorry for my long speech. Lets come to the point.

It took me about four month to start making money from a new site by placing propeller ads. After then day by day my web traffic increasing and also revenue grown up. One of my friends worked harder about 1 year and he started making money from the 6th month and after one year he started making a good amount of revenue from propeller ads. Here I will show you the payment proof of that friend so you can trust that it is possible by newbie also. Because my friend was totally new and after start new blogging withing 1 year making good money that's not so easy without assistance by someone.

For newbie you can Create a Blog Free or also Within Low Cost. If you have money problem then you can create free blog but its better to start by buying a new domain. Blogger gives us a great opportunity which is free hosting so its really great for newbies to open a website within low cost.

And who already have a website and also have good amount of daily visitors then why you are waiting you can start placing this pop ads now.

First click to Registration Here. Here Sign-up as a Publisher. Fill the form and complete the registration. A massage can be send to your email address for verify the registration. Go to email address and verify email.

Then from the dashboard click from the left on menu name "Sites". Now you have to click on Add New site. Follow bellow image instruction for better understand.

submit domain to propeller ads media

Now write you domain URL and click on submit. Follow image instructions.

verify domain into propeller ads media

Here you need to verify your domain. First copy given meta tag then goto your website and paste it into the website HTML meta section and save it. Then click verify and you will see site got verified.
Verify domain into propeller ads media

Now you have to wait up to 24 hours to get approved your site. Within a day it will get approved and from then you can place ads on your site.

Domain verified status propeller ads media

Now you need to create pop-under add code and then copy the code and place into your website. From now your earning will be start. If you already have huge daily visitors but you are not satisfied by seeing revenue then wait about 1 or 2 weeks. Because it needs time to be optimized perfect ad for your website. And once you will see earnings are increasing. You keep increasing your traffic Propellers will take of increasing revenue.

As I said, I will show a Proof payment of my friend. Yes see bellow image here is the few payment proof of 1 year newbie blogger.
Payment proof of propeller ads media
This is just his earnings from Propeller Pop Ads. Beside he is also earning by placing other ads on his site. I think you should not wait too long. Just create an account on Propellers Ads Media and start placing pop ads on your site it can be your extra good income that you are gonna love when you will see its generating good revenue.

You can withdraw money from here by Payoneer MasterCard, PayPal or Wire Transfer. Most of the person love to withdraw money by using Payoneer MasterCard. Its so easy to withdraw money and also cash out by any ATM booth which booth supports master card from anywhere in the world. Anybody can get a free Payoneer MasterCard easily.

If you guys face any problem about Propellers ad then don't forget to comment bellow. I am here to help you to make you happy with the pop ad. In my experience they are providing most highest revenue for POP ads that other networks can not pay to their publishers. I think you will be happy very soon. I do like you to share this information with your friends so that they can be helped by you also.


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