How to Earn Money by Uploading Files without Survey ?

Are you looking for a free file hosting site and also want to make some money just by sharing files. Then you are in a right place to know about the details. Here I am gonna show you how you can make money by uploading files no surveys are needed. Even don't need to install anything for the internet users for make some penny. Here all about is you will have to promote the link for download the files by other internet users.

Its a good free file host site for the website owners whom websites are related any kind of download file as like Games, Videos, Apk, Software sites etc. You just need to upload all those related files to free hosting website an then share the download link on your web in the post individually. If you have a good amount of visitors then you can make a splendid amount of money. As much as possible you increase more downloads at the same time your earning will increase also from this free file hosting site.

[Note: You can not make fraud downloads from this website because within 24 hours per ip will be able to generate $0.05 to avoid Fraud Downloads]

Long time we see that people just sharing files on lots of free hosting sites where they have a limitation of uploading size which is very low and also not making any penny from those site. But here UPLOD.WS is a free hosting site where you have a limit per file size about 1GB. So I think its a great opportunity for those people as like me who always want a reliable file hosting site with earning some good cash.

If you have a downloading site then what you are waiting for just start Sign Up then upload files and share it on your website or anywhere else to make some cash.

[Note: Do Not Cheat here, Abusing reward system will lead you to permanent ban. Files size should be 1MB+ to make money. Auto / Bot / Self made download will be tracked and also verified while payout. If any account detected then Account will be banned. This site don't allow uploading Adult / Pornographic material and any copyrighted material as like Movies, music, image etc.]

How to upload files and share download links ?

1. First click Sign Up for registration. Then fill the information on the form and click submit for completing registration. Now need to check your email inbox where a confirmation massage will come. Open that email and click confirmation link to verify your account.

2. Now after login into your account if you want to upload file then in the home page from left side you will see a big writing "BROWSE". Just click on "BROWSE". Follow bellow images instructions step by step for better understand.

How to Earn Money by Uploading Files without Survey ?

3. After click on BROWSE a window will popup and select file from your PC and open which one you want upload. Now you need to click on "Start upload" button for start uploading file. You can also add more files if you want to upload all files simultaneously. That time you will need to click on "Add more" Button. Instruction have shown on bellow image.

How to Earn Money by Uploading Files without Survey ?

3. Now when upload will be done that time you will see a page where you can see the download link of your file. Just copy this link and share on your website so that visitors can download this file from your site.
How to Earn Money by Uploading Files without Survey ?

Now you are mostly done. If you can increase the visitor on you website then your file downloads will also increase. Increasing downloads will increase your earnings. This is just a simple thing where most have interest to make some extra money.

I think its better to earn extra money. Its not harming your visitors. Simultaneously you can also place others ads on your site and this file hosting site gives you money when a download happens from their links. Its better than other free hosting site those are not giving you any earnings.

For Newbie Bloggers

Hope fully it will help you to get some motivation to work more with low visitors also. Because most of time new web owners start working but they are losing their inspiration and working speed when they don't see any earnings. One of my friend making good money from this site daily about $2 and more sometimes. He is generating over 1000 downloads daily.  Once I saw he was generating only 50 or 70 downloads when he was totally newbie. But for those downloads he was making some money. That was his motivation that he can make money. That time he was working more for his site. Just by that motivation and his working speed day by day he was generating a good amount of downloads and still its increasing that helps him to make this extra penny. Even he is now making money from other ad networks by placing ads on his site. By uploading files and sharing it on his website day by day now his sites has a big amount of visitor. I think if you are new than you can also start from now.

Don't ever wish earn more at the first time. Start from low income and keep working. Once you will see the change. You may be familiar with Zero to Hero. Everybody can not be Hero directly. There have very few exceptional person whom luck favors as hero. So if you think you are not that exceptional person then you should start from zero. All bloggers working so hard by studying lots of thing. We have also started from zero and even I didn't see any hopes at first time about 1 year. Because that time I didn't get any good resources from website for learning more. Even no one helped me about blogging and SEO. But at present there have huge resources on the web to learning about how to blogging and how to gets visitors in your website. So its a great opportunity that you are missing if still you are not trying to learn. Search on google and learn how you can make good visitor on your website and keep working. Once you will also see that you are making good money from your website.

If you think my article is helpful for you then don't forget to share this post with your other friends so that they can be helpful. And about this file hosting site if you face any kind of problem or have any query then don't feel shy to let me know about that by commenting bellow.

How to Enable My Computer Icon in Windows 7, 8, 10 ?

People do like to use latest thing in their life. Such as windows 10, which is the latest version of windows now. Most of the OS user converted to Windows Ten. Less persons staying on previous Operating system such as win 7, 8, Vista. But we see that when something changes or updates some features and interface also changes.
Enable My Computer Icon in Windows 7, 8, 10

In windows 10 there have several thing that have been changes and updates. One of most important thing My Computer icon which I do like to show on my desktop. In some windows this icon known as "This PC". My Computer icon is not showing as default on the desktop screen. That's why we need to show it manually.

On the latest version of windows 10 to showing "This PC" icon it have sets the different procedure than the previous windows. That's I saw that many new users gets tired of showing this icon. Bellow I have shared the instructions with images.

How to Display My Computer Icon in Windows 10?

1. First click right button of mouse on desktop then go to Personalize.
Display my computer icon in windows 10

2. Now it will open a window. Where from the left side you have to select an option name "Themes" and here you will see on Related Settings there have Desktop icon settings. Now click on it. For better understand follow the image instructions.

Display my computer icon in windows 10

3. Here again a new window will open and from here you need to select by tick mark on Computer. Then apply and click OK for showing it on the desktop.

Display my computer icon in windows 10

How to Display My Computer Icon in Windows 7, 8, or Vista?

For previous windows it is the same procedure. On those windows click right button on the desktop and go to Personalize. A window will open, where from the left site click on "Change desktop icon" then it will pop up another window. Just select computer and click on apply and OK.

Display My Computer Icon in Windows 7, 8, or Vista

Another very easy and simple ways to Show My Computer icon on Windows 7

Click on windows or just press windows button from keyboard and click right button on Computer then just click on "Show on Desktop".

Display My Computer Icon in Windows 7

I think this simple instructions will help you to Enable My Computer Icon in Windows 10, 8, 7. There might not have any users who will face difficulties to do this. If still there have any one who is facing difficulties then don't feel shy to comment bellow.

WAT Remover 2.2.6 For Genuine Windows 7 Activation

Make windows 7 genuine for the life time. This is an alternative chance for us to activate your windows 7 without using any activation key. Today I do like to give you this nice tool that will help to get activate windows 7 which won't ever require any further activation. We see that when we install Microsoft Windows 7 there it's must be needed to activate this OS.
WAT Remover 2.2.6 For Windows 7 Activation

Most of the people don't have that ability to buy that serial key or don't want to buy. In this case, what can we do? Yes, here is a solution. Although, people love to use update windows version. But there still have a massive amount of users who really like win 7 very much than the newer one. Even I also use Windows Seven.

Now you can use this windows with life time activation. You may faces lots problem while activating your OS. Its like fake serial keys or activated by any cracks, but after 30 days its showing notification that your windows need to activate and tells you "ask for genuine windows". I know it feel really bad for free users. For those user I am giving a tool which will let your windows life time activation and won't ever show any notifications.

Alternative of Windows 7 Activation

1. First go to bellow link and download WAT Remover 2.2.6.
[Note: Most of the Antivirus will detect it as harmful exe. But its totally safe for use in your PC]

2. Now if you have newly installed windows or 30 trials going to be finish then you have to use this tools. Downloaded file will be in zip. Extract this zip and open RemoveWAT. An interface will come with a button name Remove WAT.
WAT Remover 2.2.6

3. Click on Remove WAT button and wait for few moment. Then it will ask you for restart you PC and by clicking on OK make your PC restart done.

After successfully restart your PC its done and it will never ask for activation your windows. Its actually alternative of activating windows 7 without having any problem. You can check you properties to see that your activation notification are not showing there.

This tools worked on Windows 7 perfectly. For other I never tried so its only recommended for Win Seven. I hope it will work for your PC also. After following above instructions if not works for you or if you guys face any problem then let me know by commenting bellow. Thanks for being patience in here and don't forget to share with your close friends so that they can be helped by you also.

How to Stop IDM Automatic Update Notification

IDM is a popular well known Internet Download Manager which is one of the most helpful tools for our PC. IDM features with accelerated down-loader as browser integration that lets people download videos and audios directly from besides the websites normal files. Internet Download Manager works better than the other download managers.

Disable IDM Automatic Update Notification

Most of the people in the world use crack or patch for using IDM totally free. But always we face problems while patching it. And we also see that after done patching it always send us automatic update notifications. It would be good if you have paid download manager, but those people who are using free they need the solution. So if we start updating it will ask for activation by using serial key. So sometimes its not possible to keep updating crack one. Most of the working time we see that this cracked IDM shows notification of automatic updates which is very much annoying.

So you must want to stay away from this annoying notifications. This is very simple to Disable IDM Automatic Update Check Notification. From now you don't have to worry about this notification anymore. Follow bellow instructions:

Disable IDM Auto Update Notification

1. From keyboard press win+R to launch Run then type regedit and press enter or click OK. Now it will open Registry Editor. Follow bellow image instructions for better understand.

Stop IDM Automatic Update Notification

2. In the Registry Editor follow this instructions first click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER> second Software> and third DownloadManager. Now from right side find LstCheck named REG file and click on it to open.
Stop IDM Automatic Update Notification

3. Now here change the value data which is actually the data of year will change. Change the year as you desire one. See bellow image instructions.

Stop IDM Automatic Update Notification
4. After change it click OK then close registry Editor and Restart your PC.

Now you are done perfectly disabling IDM Automatic Update Check. After restart your PC you won't ever see any notification which will ask you to Update your IDM on working time.

If you want to update your IDM then you can do it manually. To do it first open IDM then go to Help option and click on "Check for updates". Your latest version will be checked and will notify you if there have any available update version.

How to Create a Blog Free or Within Low Cost?

Today I am going guild you how you can start creating your own blog Free and also within low cost. This is very easy to start a new blog for free and also if you want then within low cost of money you can have a blog with your chosen unique domain name. First I will tell you how you can create a blog for free and I will guild you for low cost domain for your blog.
Create a Blog Free or Within Low Cost

Blog can be very interesting and also can be major part for a person where actually people store and share valuable information that comes from their experience and also specific information about something important matters and problems. Blog helps others to know about new thing that they are searching online and also gives some necessary information that helps them when they are facing any problems. Its not important to write about only specific topics in your blog but its important to write about targeting niche keywords when you want to make a profitable blog. Here I will discuss about how you can create a blog.

Most of the people love to open blog in WordPress. Because there have lots of features and plugins that makes it easier than the other blog platform. But here I do like to discuss about Blogger which is actually Googles blog platform. Here for newbies have a great opportunity to open free blog. And its not actually difficult to make and maintenance of a blog in this platform.

So to start first you have to go to then click on Create Your Blog. Now write your Gmail address. If you don't have any Gmail address then create one because you need gmail account for opening a blog in blogger. Using Gmail address login and after that you will get a pop window where you have to write your blog title. Just write a title that you want to show as your blog title.

Then write an URL name on next box. After write URL it will tell you that is it available to take as your blog URL or not. Do change that URL with your desire one until it tells you that This blog address is available. Then select a template from bellow box and click on Create Blog button. For better understand see bellow image instructions.

Now you have done creating a free blog where you can write article to post and publish. There have lots of features to customize your blog and make it more good looking blog as much as you want. Let me tell you how you can start writing an article to post and publish.

First from the left side you have to choose post option then click on New Post button. Follow bellow image instructions for better understand.

How to Create a Blog Free
After click on New post you will get a form of writing article there. Now first you have to write a suitable Title for your new post. Title will tell the user what is all about your article have written. So a good title helps to get visitors to your post. Then you have to write an article about 500 words or more as you want. But for good blogging you can write over 1000 words which actually helps to get good rank on Google Search Engine.

After writing title you can set label to make categories of your all post as like if you write post about technology then set label as technology if article about sports categories then set label as sports. If you want then you can customize permalink which means your post URL. You can set it manually or it will set automatically based on your title words. See bellow image instructions one by one.
How to write a Blog article

You can add a good image in the post which related to your article. After complete writing you can just click on Publish button to publish it. Now you can view your post to see your article on your blog. For understand better see bellow image.

View Blog post
Now you can customize your blog as like changing templates for a good looking blog. From Template Option you can edit your template codes. There have lots of free blogger template you can get those by searching on google. Choose a template for download then after download copy that files xml code and paste it in blogger Edit HTML option. Then your blog will be looks like the same blog template that you have chosen.
Here your are done creating a free own blog. Where have several option that you can use to customize your site. From setting you can change lots of things if you want. From stats option you can see your visitors status such as how much visitors are visiting your site everyday, from which country they comes and more.
How to Create Blog Within Low Cost?

Now I do like to tell how you can create blog with unique domain name within cheap cost. Actually free blog is sub-domain blog which belongs to blogger as after the users chosen url. When you will add unique domain name it removes the sub-domain name and gives blog URL with If you add domain in blogger then you don't have to buy hosting for your blog you can just use this free hosting platform for your own blog. It makes very low cost to make your own blog with your desire domain name.

First you need to buy a domain which can take price up-to $14 of cost for 1 year. Depending on your domain price can be lower. So from where you can buy? Here I want to suggest NameCheap to buy domain because they have 24hours online live supports and also very easy process to setup domain from Namecheap to blogger. So if you want to buy your blog domain then click here for Namecheap Domain Registration.

There you have to open an account with using email address. Then from domain registration option buy a domain. If you have done buying your domain then setup namecheap domain to blogger. If you don't know how to add custom domain in blogger or setup domain to blogger then go to bellow link to see the guild lines.

After setup domain to blogger you will see your blog URL as unique domain name. Now your are perfectly done creating your own blog within very low cost. This is good for newbie who really want a blog or website within very low cost of money. I think my guild lines will be helpful for newbies.

If you face any problem while creating your blog then let me know I will try to help you with my best effort. Also if face any difficulties to registration domain on namecheap and adding domain to blogger. Then don't feel hesitate to tell me about the problem. So, do you think my article helps you, if yes then don't forget to share it with your friends because it also can be helpful and interesting part for them.

How to setup namecheap domain to blogger?

Whenever we come to create a new blog or website that time we need to setup domain or add custom domain to any platform. Here I want to tell you how you can setup a custom from namecheap to blogger. I know that its difficult to all new bloggers I mean newbies who never knew about setup custom domain in blogger. Now I am here to help you by guiding you about how you can add a domain to blogger platform.
namecheap domain to blogger

So for start setup your custom domain make sure that you have already bought an domain name on Namecheap. If don't then click here to go for Namecheap Domain Registration to get your desire domain name. First you have to open an account in namecheap then start searching for your desire available domain name. Then just checkout your payment for completing registration.

Its time to add domain in blogger from namecheap. On your name cheap account dashboard you will see your domain. Now click on manage button from dashboard on domain left side. See bellow image and follow instructions for better understand.
namecheap domain to blogger

Then another page will open and click on Advanced  DNS option.
namecheap domain to blogger

Now you will get the main option part to do. In there you have to add new record then select the type of A record and here you have to create four separate A-records which will point to 4 different Google IPs. Four IPs are given below:

Follow bellow image to understand easily by following instructions.
namecheap domain to blogger

Go to the blogger dashboard where you want to add your custom domain. Then go to settings basic option. And you will see an option link name "Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog" click on it and a box will open, here write your domain and click on save button. After that it will show an error message which you have to solve.

setup namecheap domain to blogger

First from error page see there have two list of codes. Copy them and on Advance DNS Add new Records using type of CNAME Record. Follow bellow image.
namecheap domain to blogger

Then Add another New Record name URL Redirect Record pointing your domain name and select unmasked then click on tick button.
namecheap domain to blogger

And now your are done setup your custom domain from namecheap in blogger. You can view your blog to see and check is it works or not. If not works then wait for 5 or 10 minutes and also check that you didn't make any mistakes. Then try again to view your blog. Hope you can see now your new blog with your desire domain name.

I tried to explain with my best to make you more clear. Hopefully it will be very helpful for new bloggers. Thanks for be patients on my web and if your face any problem then comment bellow. Don't forget to share this post with your friends.

Get Free Payoneer MasterCard with $25 Bonus Proof

At present MasterCard is a most valuable thing that helps us to get payment and also helps for online shopping. Do you want to Get a MasterCard for free with bonus $25? Then you are in right place. Today I will help you to Get free MasterCard with $25 bonus. This is not any joke or fraud. Its 100% real and I also have a MasterCard.
MasterCard with $25 Bonus

You may already know about Payoneer which is a Global Payment Solution Company. Payoneer Debit card helps to get payment from different company and also helps to pay. This is one of the most popular online payment solution network. It is a financial services business which provides the online money transfer and also e-commerce payment services. The company is headquartered in New York City.

To get this card first you have to open an account on Payoneer. And to get bonus $25 you must have to sign up by someones refer. Without refer you won't get the bonus. So its my pleasure to be referred for anyone. If you want just follow bellow steps and use the referral link.

First Click here: Sign Up & Earn $25

Now it will open a page in new tab and You have to click on Sign Up & Earn $25 button. Then in a new tab you will get few steps of form to fill up information's.

First step select type of account Individual or Company. For personal select Individual type. Now in the form fill all information's.

  • Full Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Rewrite Email Address
  • Date of Birth

After fill up all information's that I've mentioned above click Next Button.

Second step Contact Details here you have to select your country and need to fill all information's of your real Address with Postal / Zipcode. Remember don't give the miss information's because using this address your MasterCard will be send.

  • Select Country
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Postal / Zipcode
  • Select Phone type and Phone Number

After complete fill up this form click Next Button.

Third step Security Details here you need to type your password and security question. Email address will be your username. You have to select a security question then write the answer and you need to remember this answer for future as your account security. Better you can save all those information in a notepad so that you can get all information's when its need.
  • Write Password
  • Rewrite Password
  • Select Security Question
  • Answer of Security Question
After write all information click on Next Button

Last Step here you need to give information's of your Bank Account details. In the Bank name option select a Bank where you have an account. Bank list will be shown based on your country. Which country you will select, list will show only those bank list that which banks are available in that selected country.

  • Write Your Bank Name
  • Bank Branch Name
  • Your Bank Account Name
  • Write Account Number

After complete writing information that mentioned above you need to select two agreement as you agree with their agreement.

  •  I agree to the Terms and Conditions, Electronic Disclosure and Privacy Policy
  •  I agree to the Pricing and Fees

Now click on SUBMIT button. Then you will get congratulation massage. Go for login in your account and will be asked for filling two more security questions. Select questions then write answer and save those answers for future security. This security answer will be helpful when you will face any problem in your account and while you need to solve it that time you will need to answer those questions to the authority to show them as proof that your are the owner of that account.

Within 24 hours you will get confirmation massage in you email address. They might can ask for your National ID or Driving License or Passport Screen shot. After that your They will give you time within which days your MasterCard will be arrived to your address. It can take up to 30 days to reach in your address. It will come based on your Address Zipcode. You need to contact that specific Post Office's postman. Give him your number and tell him that using your name a latter will come in that Post Office. If it comes then postman will call you or will come to your house. Then just take it and give some tips to the postman for his satisfaction.

In that latter you will get your MasterCard and your name will be written on that card with 16 digit card number. In the latter you will get card activation process. Just follow those steps and activate your card. While activating your card that time you need to set 4 digit of Pin number. This Pin number will be needed when you will withdraw money from ATM.

Now you may want to know about $25 bonus. After activation you can use this card for receiving payment just by giving account username which is actually your email address that you have used to open this account. At this time to get bonus you need to receive a payment about $100. When your account will be loaded with $100 that time your account will also get $25 bonus. Sometimes after loaded account it takes up to 24 hours to get the bonus.

One of my friend recently got bonus $25 on his new Payoneer MasterCard. Bellow I have shared the screenshot proof so that it can be more believable to you.

MasterCard with $25 Bonus Proof
I think its more clear to you that its possible to get a free MasterCard with $25 bonus. So what you are waiting for. Signup for MasterCard Now.

If you face any problem or difficulties then don't feel hesitate to comment bellow about your problem. And you can also contact me for getting help. I will be happy to help you. Don't forget to share this post with your other friends. It can be helpful for others.   

Best SEO Tips for Blogger in Blogspot

We know that there have done lots of conversation about Blogspot and WordPress. Lots of people who don't like blogspot they do like WordPress. The most of the reason was all about SEO difficulties. But now time have changed and also blogger have changed their difficulties. So I want to say who ever working on blogspot and now new person also want to work here as a blogger. You can start and keep going on. There have lots of easy and known way to do better SEO in blogspot.
SEO Tips for Blogger

Here you can start your free blog or even you can buy and add domain in this platform. There have lots of site they sell Blogger template. Also there available massive amount of free template for you. Today I will tell you about some important SEO tips and techniques. If you want to run a good blog to be successful online then you should follow lots of thing that we don't know even its tough to maintain. So I think if you get a guild line then that will be helpful for newbie and old blogger who really want to do something with their blog.

When we are talking about Blogspot vs WordPress then we always give the priority to WordPress for having the good SEO facilities. But now you should know that google have included lots of SEO features in blogspot that will help you to do better Search Engine Optimization now than the previous time. This is the blog platform of google. So you will get some extra good SEO result than the others if you do everything well.

We know that there have two kind of SEO: OFF Page SEO and ON Page SEO. Today my SEO tips all about ON Page SEO. This is the first and important thing you should do follow at least decently. Bellow my guild will help you to learn basic and you can make your blog SEO friendly to Search Engine.

SEO Tips for Blogger

Format of Post Title

In Blogspot SEO the format of post title plays a great role. Usually we see post title followed by the home page title. To understand have a look on bellow image.

Post Title
Here post title should not be exist. The good one will be shown without Home Page title. The perfect looking is shown to the bellow image.

Post Title
This thing harmful for SEO friendliness of the Title of Article. Now you should follow the bellow instructions to remove it. I have added the code bellow to fix it.

First go to Template> then click Edit HTML. Now find out this code:

And replace it by this code:
<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

After doing this your every post URL will only show the page title.

Format of Post URL

This is most important thing that you must follow. Permalink is another key foreword  that helps to get rank of post in search engine. Few simple things you should follow while giving a permalink.
  • Make it short and keep the number of letters within 50. All letters should be small letter.
  • You should stop using few single letters and words as like: a, an, the, etc.

While writing an Article for post, you will get an option to edit the post permalink. You can use it to edit and giving the right SEO friendly permalink. Better thing is that you can just set the main keyword of the Article in your permalink. Normally it will set as Automatic permalink but you can edit it from the permalink option by clicking on Custom Permalink. For better understand see bellow image.

Post URL

Format of Image

In Blogspot image is a also good thing for getting it on search result. You should add alt text and title text in the image properties. You may think what title or alt text you will put there. Just use your post title and the keyword on image. As like if Title is "Best SEO Tips for Blogger" then in image properties title text can be the "Best SEO Tips for Blogger" and alt text can be "Best SEO Tips". This helps the search engine to know about the image. You can also give those text as depending on image what is all about image showing and meaning. It helps a lot to be SEO friendly for search engine.

Image Format

Labels and Related Posts

Level is also an important thing. Set level in your blog post category wisely and remember always use small letters for level keywords. Why set level, I wanna explain. If you post Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and more software as like Km-player, Vlc Player. Then what you have to do that set Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox in "browser" level. And Km-player and Vlc player in "video player" level. This will help you to search engine understand better to indexing and also user will be able to find his desire software by clicking on specific level. Level helps to show the related post widget in the blogger.

Meta Tags

Meta tag is a tag which helps search engine to identify a website, description and other details by using HTML tags. You should add a Nice title for your site. For the site in meta description tag you have to write a good description with main keywords about that you will write in your web. If you do like to targeting keywords then include those keywords in the description. And make sure that you put those keywords in Meta Keyword tags.

Meta Tags

Article Keywords & Post Title

Most of the time we see lots of people using same keywords too much time in the Article. I would like to say don't do it. One keyword 2 or 3 time is enough for a good article. Too much use of keyword harmful for your post. Post title also important to keep keyword in it. You should use targeting keyword properly in the post title and article. Don't use the same keyword more than three times. I do follow this that's why 3 time is my limit. Keep those targeted keywords on the above of article for better.

No-follow External Link

Nofollow is a HTML attribute which use in hyperlinks to help to know the search engine that listed link in your website, you don't follow. In blogger when you are adding other web link then you should select "Open this link in a new window" and "Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute. This helps the search engines to prevent URL from crawling particular link. This if one of small SEO trick that we should follow.

External Link

Post Meta Description

Meta Description for post which is very important part for SEO. Without it most of the time good content gets bad rank on Search Engine. While you are posting a new article you should write a good meta description for article. Make sure all keywords you are targeting that is included in the description wisely. This helps to get first rank by following matching keywords when someone searching those keywords on Search engine.
Meta Description

Optimize Internal Link

I see that many blogger don't follow internal linking. This is really important to do linking of your internal pages to another page wisely. Internal links helps you to generate more visitors and that also helps to get good ranking on Search Engines. The method I say optimization of internal links.

Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom Robot Header Tags is very important for a site. But don't do it with your own mind. There have difficulties to do it properly. Today I am giving you the perfect one that most of professional blogger follows and also me. How to use it lets see bellow image and instructions. First go to blogger Settings> Search Preference. Now you will see Custom robots header tags option here click on Edit to change. Now follow the image bellow and select all red indicated options from your setting then click Save Changes.

Custom Robots

All those tips and tricks I have described is really most important for getting good rank on search engine. This will help you make quality blog which is SEO friendly. For Newbies this is the first important thing that you must have to follow. Otherwise you will be tired of blogging. Although, there have lots of SEO steps which is in advance level. But you can improve your blogging just by posting quality article and share it on socials networks.

I think my article will be helpful when you are done following all instructions primarily. One more thing is that in blogging platform there is going on a big contest. So at present if you are Newbie then you have to be patient for getting good result. Thanks for give me your time. And don't forget to share this article with your friends because it can be helpful for them also. You can tell me about your problem and opinion by commenting bellow.

Best Android Video Player For Android Device

Today I want to give you a best Android Video Player for all android users world wide. Most of you already know but you may still finding the best one. Let me tell you which one is best. In my opinion MX Player is the world best video player for android devices. You may never take look on it deeply.
Android Video Player

This is a most Powerful video player which have advanced hardware acceleration and also support subtitle. Hardware acceleration it can be applied to the more videos with help of new HW plus decoder. MX Player is the most popular first Android video player. It supports the multi-core decoding. The test result have proved that the dual-core device performance is up to 70% better than the single-core devices.

Subtitle Gestures available in this player. Scroll forward or backward to move next or previous text, Up or down to move the text up & down, Zoom in or out to change text size. Easily zoom in & zoom out by pinching or swiping across on screen. Zoom & Pan is available by option also. In this player have kids lock.  You can keep your kids entertained just without having worry that they can be make calls and touch other apps. Its really amazing part for this player.

Lots of Subtitle formats:
  DVD, DVB,  SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass), SSA/ASS subtitle tracks, SAMI(.smi) Ruby tag support, MicroDVD(.sub), SubRip(.srt), VobSub(.sub/.idx), MPL2(.mpl), SubViewer2.0(.sub), TMPlayer(.txt),  WebVTT(.vtt), Teletext, PJS(.pjs).

In my think and experience this one of the most popular and best player for android. Over 40 million people directly installed it from Google Play Store and from the others sources it is impossible to count for me now. You can use it if you never used.

How to Improve your Android Device Performance ?

At present a massive amount of people using Android devices World wide. This is one of the most easy device and popular in our world. Today I am here to give you some useful tips and tricks about android which will let you speed up and Improve your Android Device Performance. Old and New users of android is not the fact. Some people may know but most of them they don't know. So, I am writing for who don't know yet.
Improve your Android Device Performance

My Article will help to improve your experience with using Android device. Because I think you are gonna love it when you will see the good performance of your device.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Disable App Notifications: You may have seen that most of the apps give the notification that just keep coming all the time. For us it can be feel annoying and you may don't know that those notifications always drain you phones or devices battery. If you want them turn off then you can follow bellow Steps:
  • On any kind of notification from notification bar Press Long on that notification which one you want to disable. Then you will see there a message box will appear.
  • Now Tap on App Info and Deselect the Show Notifications then press OK

2. Disable Mobile Data: When you don't need to be stay connected that time disabling mobile data will help your android devices battery from losing the power too quickly. Turing off the Data is easy to do by following bellow steps:
  • Go to Settings> Data
  • Tap on Mobile Data to Turn it off (ON or OFF)

3. Set Limit of Mobile Data: You can track how much your usage monthly mobile data or can do it limit. If you've ICS & above then there is available a features which let you track how much data you have left.
  • Go to Settings> Data Usage
  • Set the data limit by dragging orange line which will reflect monthly quota
  • Set data usage cycle based on when month starts & ends then you are done.
You'll be alerted when you hit limit that you have set.

4. Disable Automatic App Updates: I would like to say you do manually pick which app needs to be Updated. It save the mobile battery from draining. First you need to disable automatic app updates. Follow bellow steps:
  • Open Play Store and go to the Settings
  • Tap on to select Auto-update apps
  • A new massage box will appear from there select Do not auto-update apps
But still if you want to keep it automatic updates and do it enable following same steps.

5. Disable Animations: Here is the tips about to make you device run smoother by disabling Animations. You will need access to Developer Options which you will find under Settings or About device. In Developer option look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale & Animator duration scale. Now Tap on them all one by one and select to make it disable.

6. Clear Cache Data: Your app program takes some space to save the cache on your phone. Most of the cache doesn't helpful for you. You can delete them all to speed up your device and also will get some free space. Follow bellow instruction.
  • Go to Settings> Storage
  • Then look for Cached data, Tap on it and hit OK to confirm delete.

7.Use Speed accelerators: There have lots of app that you can Download applications of Android Booster which can expand android gadget speed. The application adjusts telephone by numerous ways as like shutting undesirable assignments and erasing applications that is not required and clearing the memory. Greenify is a great application in such manner it works for all rooted android devices and it makes them run all more speedier. You can try for at least once.

If you like this article and helped your device then you can share it with your friends so that they can be helped by you. Thanks for read me and tell me about your problem by commenting bellow if you faced. I will try my best to solve.